Saturday, July 25, 2009

Reader's Digest Condensed Haterade

I find that happy dancing white people wedding video truly delightful. I really do. But I knew the haters would be out there and I was interested to see what they would find to diss. Here are a few select comments from a Minnesota newspaper web site:

Juvenile,immature, typical 21st century brats who have watched too much "American Idol" The world revolves around them.

[Ed. note: Which century would you prefer our young people to have been born in?]

Nice way to act in a Church!
What are they going to do next in a Church? Simulate sex?

[Ed: Can I get you some more punch, Temperance? Or do you want your buggy brought round now...]

Wedding Industrial Complex
The whole wedding thing ("My Big Daaaaayyyy") is such a waste of money - for everyone involved.

[Ed: You made the list for your comment title alone.]

The funny part will be when this video comes back up after they divorce.

[Ed: Someone might need a hug. And that someone might be you.]

I'll leave you with someone's even-handed approach which sums up why I really love the thing:

Even though they do look dumb, mainly being that they really can't dance, at least they had fun.

Amen to that. Write that on my gravestone, people!

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